Townplace West Kowloon

Hong Kong

Conran and Partners were appointed by Sun Hung Kai Properties to design a flexible dynamic living experience that embodies the local heritage of West Kowloon.



Townplace West Kowloon was thoughtfully curated by Conran and Partners as an amalgamation of the research into the local area, from industrial shipping heritage to the surrounding architecture. 

The neighbourhood has a rich history of authentic craft that makes it the perfect home for the next generation of contemporary young creatives.



The project itself sits in a unique location, although very urban in context, the rooms to the South look out across the sea towards the bright lights of Hong Kong Island and to the North out across the mountains. Juxtaposing urbanism with nature and wellbeing.


Our design concept is grounded in the locality of West Kowloon and its placement alongside landmarks integral to the area, creating a sense of community with a domestic scale. Conscious not to reference the industrial style too overtly, Conran and Partners created a refined industrial palette that has elements of colour, detail and a scheme which is celebratory of the evolution of modern luxury, spanning from the ostentatious to the thoughtful and curated.