Hong Kong

A subtle eastern influence, layered with charm and playfulness. Conran and Partners used contrasting, yet complimentary palettes to subtly present an enfilade of spaces, creating a seamless transition from casual to intimate. The practice reimagined the popular FEAST restaurant which sits within Hong Kong’s EAST Hotel. The aspiration for FEAST was to create a new dining experience but also provide a space where guests and visitors can work, meet and relax.

The new concept combines a contemporary aesthetic with a subtle Eastern influence, layered with charm and playfulness. The eastern influence instils a sense of place whilst the overall design is both sophisticated and inclusive. The design seeks to create a journey as guests move through the elegant, linear space which has been layered into a series of subtly linked zones
The redesign also features a variety of seating styles from informal to intimate; the new Domain workspace includes private working booths, one-to-one seating, informal meeting spaces and shared tables for co-working where guests can drop in and work or have a light breakfast, a grab-and-go café with a barista coffee station and bakery. The design approach is contemporary yet inviting, layered with colour and playful elements
In contrast, FEAST, the bustling eatery at the far end of the space, adopts a richer, warmer palette with vibrant earthy tones and more luxurious materials. To counteract the spatial drama of the atrium, the practice created more intimate dining spaces, with the open kitchen providing a lively visual focal point for diners.