Hong Kong Villas

Hong Kong

Kick back, pour yourself a well-earned dirty martini and enjoy that view! 

Our brief was to create timeless family homes on an undulating site, with extraordinary views overlooking the city and local mountains. Taking cues from the rich heritage of the area and the sweeping surroundings, the project intends to bring the past into the modern day. 

The Villas are embedded within a natural landscape of boulders and forest fauna, transitioning to a refined and elegant form with a palette of pale local stone and blackened timber screens. Luxury tree houses, if you will.  Allowing the dramatic views to take centre stage, the design emphasises clarity of purpose and celebrates natural materials. 

A retreat from the 24-hour city, this limited edition of 12 luxury homes references the historic setting and amplifies a sense of wellbeing. Drawing on our experience of family life and wellness, the Villas exemplify an imaginative and harmonious crossover between residential and hospitality. 

The Villas incorporate a variety of special spaces with a seamless flow between outside and inside, responding to the magnificent views whilst considering the rhythm of everyday life of home.  


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