Crowne Plaza Blueprint

Business hotels don’t have to be boring. As part of a wider blueprint study for IHG, Conran and Partners redesigned the Place de la Republique lobby for modern day business travel, while making it a new destination for locals.

The design narrative has informed everything from the choice of furniture and accessories to the rug designs and the artwork selection, which seeks to reference the various key art movements and artists closely associated with Paris since the mid-nineteenth century. Materiality and palette have been used to emphasise the drama of the various spaces through effective scene-setting and a cohesive lighting strategy.

The spaces in Place de la Republique are tech savvy, while acknowledging the need to embed some humanity in the design to create a comfortable place in which to work and relax. The narrative the practice created for Crowne Plaza is based on the concept of “new modern”. It seeks to demonstrate that business hotels can be exciting by offering guests kind, personal touches, while introducing new, meaningful experiences for them to share and – above all – to appeal to the senses as far as possible.
The main signature bar is now prominently positioned to the outside terrace along the hotel’s principal facade. The practice added The Studio, a separate bookable meeting space, to cater to private meetings and events with its own bar counter and break-out lounge seating.
Conran and Partners completed the design of a guest room which will serve as the basis for the wider re-design of rooms and other non-public-facing areas of the hotel. Branded as a work-life room for business travellers, the design includes dedicated zones for restoring, relaxing or working and sleeping.