Hotel Maximilian

Conran and Partners playful yet functional ‘poetic modernism’ approach reinvents Maximilian as one of Prague’s most stablished boutique hotels with a contemporary edge. The practice undertook a momentous project refurbishing over 70 rooms and the reconfiguration of the existing ground-floor.

The practice took on the challenge to open up and unify the spaces to create a coherent and engaging journey for guests and visitors. The redesign has seen the addition of a café and bar at the main entrance, which animates the building’s façade and engages with the adjacent streetscape. In addition, the ground-floor spaces have been reworked to include a brasserie within a new living-room hub at the heart of the hotel, providing social spaces for guests and visitors.

The design approach for the hotel reflects the cultural and architectural heritage of the urban context, referencing Czech modernism and the progressive art movement influenced by famous avant-garde artist and architectural writer, Karel Teige. 

Teige developed a version of the modernist principle that was based on much softer elements than many of his peers, embracing texture and colour, as well as more playful elements which are represented in his many surreal collages works.

A strong aspect of this poetic modernism has been retained, while creating a sense of place rooted in the city and the neighbourhood. This involved drawing upon the iconic colour palette of Prague’s architecture and local crafts – including weaving and glass-making – for the materiality of the design. 

Bold use of colour is the defining element of the design approach. Each area of the hotel is highlighted in a different shade, ranging from light green tones on entry, to pinks in the historic stairwells and a deep blue for the guest rooms. Overlaid are elements of local craft, made bespoke for the hotel, and a carefully curated selection of contemporary and classic furniture pieces in similar soft and colourful shades.