The Dock Office Marketing Suite


The Dock Office marketing suite sets the tone for new development, The Founding, conveying warmth, serenity, and belonging through the seamless fusion of history and modernity. Housed within British Land’s Canada Water masterplan, the Grade II listed industrial structure is a testament to thoughtful design and restoration. 


Conran and Partners’ design journey began with respect for the Dock Offices’ legacy. By exposing and celebrating the original framework and materiality, there is a striking contrast with the contemporary design of The Founding apartments. This interplay between old and new imparts authenticity, reminding visitors of the rich history of the area.

From entering the warehouse building through the inviting courtyard to arriving at the open and welcoming double-height space, the design gives a true and captivating sense of place, setting the perfect stage for visitors to explore and appreciate the unique charm and appeal of The Founding apartments.


The Dock Office marketing suite adopts a similar palette to that of the apartments merging the area’s creative vitality with timeless design. The rich history of the area is referenced in the interplay between old and new with distinctive elements sourced from local artisans.


The result is a marketing suite that provides an immersive and inviting setting, bringing the essence of The Founding to life and welcoming visitors to engage in its offered lifestyle within a peaceful and hospitable environment.