KEF Music Gallery

Hong Kong
The KEF Music Gallery is indicative of an important shift in the retail world from the idea of a traditional shop to a memorable customer-driven experience. Originally founded in the UK in the early 1960s, KEF is now international, combining innovative design and technology. The company appointed Conran and Partners to pioneer a new retail concept to showcase the brand’s sound and style.

The design of KEF’s Music Gallery in Hong Kong takes inspiration from the idea of a welcoming clubhouse. The entrance sets the tone, with its use of crafted and luxurious materials, such as Atlantic stone, brass and walnut for the joinery. A fantastic selection of vintage modernist furniture combined with contemporary pieces sets the scene, artwork features prominently on the walls throughout.

The practice sought to create a technically perfect acoustic setting and listening environment that looks effortless, so much so, the layout was based upon that challenge.

At the heart of the music gallery, the practice created a central listening room with the inviting atmosphere of a comfortable library. Here, bespoke joinery adds warmth and texture while the sliding doors, bookcases and books play a key role in the acoustic make-up of the space.

The gallery offers a gentle introduction to the brand and its products, in the context of providing a respite and sanctuary within the urban fabric of Hong Kong’s Central district.