Hong Kong Clubhouse

Hong Kong

A reimagined urban retreat, Hong Kong Clubhouse is a 3-storey podium to a pair of new residential towers in central Hong Kong. 

We aimed to embody the sense of retreat from the bustling city life, with a distinct personality, whilst exploring the connection between the high-rise apartment living, the street and city life. 

Our Hong Kong Club House channels the materiality and tonality of the local natural landscape to wrap the sweeping forms, whilst playing with light and shade. We took a holistic approach to the palette, stone, greenery and water with a considered introduction of black metal details. A crisp engineered profile to the cladding detail adds a contemporary note to the employment of texture – a demonstration of a natural material being honed for its new purpose. A colonnade as introduced on the amenity floor allows the introduction of outdoor rooms, mediating spaces between inside and outside.  

Blurring the boundaries between residential and hospitality, Hong Kong Club House proposes a reimagined understanding of contemporary living and suggests a serene and blissful alternative to the overstimulation of today’s lifestyle. 

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