Embassy Court


The restoration of a modernist seafront icon. Embassy Court is arguably Brighton’s finest twentieth century building and an outstanding example of modernist design. Designed by Wells Coates, Embassy court was the first truly Modernist apartment building in Brighton.


Upon completion, Embassy Court was one of the most glamorous blocks on the South Coast delivering Deco infused, Modernist glamour and appealing to the wealthy and famous.

The building features balconies facing the sea, forming a series of striking concrete bands, as well as service staircases to the rear.
This community led project was all about bringing new life back to a building in a way that some might thought would never happen. The restoration and refurbishment process had to work around the needs of the residents requiring a relatively light and sensitive touch.
The practice undertook a wide scope of historical research, being a well-known landmark, it soon received a Grade II* listed recognition.
Residents continue to organise open house tours and other events, allowing the building to be wider connected to the city.