100 Liverpool Street


A contemporary office for a firm of international lawyers in the heart of the City of London.



The brief was to create a series of spaces that not only reflect contemporary hybrid-working and the need to encourage people to come together, but also the different functions undertaken by the lawyers and their support team through the working day.


The space is split between two fundamental functions: Firstly, the formal public-facing meeting areas that are designed to reflect the rigorous professionalism of the client’s service; and secondly the private working spaces that are not open to guests and are designed to reflect the various and individual ways of working of the professional team.


Post-pandemic, modern workspace can no longer be a one-size fits all approach, but needs to recognise that home working has enabled employees to discover their own preferred environments and ways of working.

The working spaces therefore present a series of choices; From bookable cellular offices to open plan areas, breakout tables, snugs and a generous pantry. The variety of spaces allow the client team to move from one to another depending on the task in hand; whether the need to collaborate or the wish to socialise with colleagues; or simply to move around through the day, have a change of scene and refresh a thought process.


The design language of the public facing and the working areas deliberately contrast in their formality. The former is crisp, simple and dramatic; whilst the working places are more relaxed, informal and various. There is nevertheless a commonality in the generous use of timber and simple materials that will stand the test of time and are by their nature tactile.


Both the meeting rooms and the open plan working areas take advantage of the generous amounts of natural light from the long and curvaceous glazed façade of the building. Whilst this can be controlled through blinds, it also allows for the open plan areas and the pantry to enjoy generous planting with all of the benefits that they bring to the wellbeing of employees and the office environment.


This project represents how the Conran and Partners understanding of workplace being a key component of modern lifestyle, even at the formal and very serious end of the spectrum.