STUDIO | International Women’s Day at Conran and Partners

Here’s what Tina Norden has to say about IWD22.


My own experience in the creative industry has always been positive and I never felt that being a woman held me back – quite the opposite, as in a very male dominated environment like construction it can work in our favour. Instinctively I have always bristled at anything ‘female led’ or ‘women only’ or anything that felt like positive discrimination as it should solely be about my work and capabilities not my gender.


However, from today’s angle I realise that the lack of discrimination I have personally experienced is not everyone’s experience and many women face much adversity in achieving their goals.

Subconsciously I have always been looking out for female role models, which were scarce at times, in particular in architectural education. This lack of visibility has a major impact on what young women may see as a viable career option, in particular if their circumstances are less supportive.

As a result I consider it of key importance to try and be such a role model in the industry to encourage and help young women in their career.

We are very fortunate that the design community is diverse and less gender-oriented than most.

Positive leadership and taking the next generation under our wing is key to make the world a more positive place for all women irrespective of their background.