IN CONVERSATION | Daisy-May Nicholson on The Dusk Penthouse

Yana Trzebska of Conran and Partners caught up with Daisy-May Nicholson, the multi-disciplinary maker behind the triptych for The Dusk Penthouse for its bespoke styling. 

What inspired the triptych at The Dusk Penthouse? Is the palette based on anything?

I wanted the process in making these works to reflect the natural energy of the Luma penthouse; drawing attention to the importance of impulse guttural thinking through the lense of this space. Even though the colour choices were intentional through my collaboration with the Conran and Partners design team, the mark making and composition was instinctual. My aim when creating these works is to manifest a harmonious balance to emulate the feeling of the comfortable serenity of the penthouse, as well as injecting a focus of artistic flamboyance.


I started off creating simplistic base colours that reflected the beach-like botanical calm of the Luma Penthouse; starting with the warm off white base colour much like the sound you to find and tropical beaches and the deep aquatic islands of blue.This then was further balanced with warm rusty red tones and variations of each hue to create depth. The painting was created after the stalls and in reflection of them but with braver bold colours and brushstrokes to create a focal point between the three.

Having now collaborated with our interior design studio, is there a dream space you would like to create artwork for?

Now having collaborated with Conran and Partners this has inspired me to push my works further into living spaces. A dream would be to emulate such a painting style directly onto the wall, full coverage – perhaps an entire room!

This will create a unique space with colour that’s curated to its function; I can see this in a bar, games room or even a creative library; Spaces that generate stimulated thinking and experiences.



This project has also inspired a follow up collaboration with a craftsman creating bespoke wooden furniture painted in this style that we are hoping to launch in the next year.