East Cowes
Westcourt Real Estate
A new waterfront quarter
The transformation of this historically significant site seeks to create a new neighbourhood centred around new and vibrant public spaces.
As a historically important waterfront site, our approach has been to sensitively work with the existing assets of the site to create an authentic waterfront setting and new quarter in East Cowes that re-establishes the original spirit of the green spaces along the Esplanade.

The project presents an opportunity to establish a new neighbourhood in East Cowes which is anchored by and centred around new and vibrant public spaces with strong connections to the waterfront. We recognise the value in retaining well known and loved buildings and working with them to give a new lease of life.
The former Victorian barracks will be adapted for use as a small hotel - as the heart of a new marina village, engaging with a series of new public, residential and marine industry uses to create a genuinely mixed-use development.

The bold, iconic Columbine Building is retained and sensitively refurbished to provide much needed marine engineering space, as well as accommodation for yacht crews and ground floor retail facing on to the public realm.
A mix of new homes brings a new layer of community, set out around a series of public and private courtyards, terraced up the hill side to maximise harbour views.

This is a new quarter that complements and connects to the existing heart of East Cowes. Focussed around a sense of pedestrian connectivity, a traffic-free space that flows from the Parade Ground to Albany Green, connecting Victoria Barracks with the waterfront, will be a focus of local activity and festivity.
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