Trinity College Bristol
Trinity College
An adaptable residential project which naturally complements its green surroundings
Our concept for Trinity College Bristol sought to echo the natural rhythm of the surrounding trees, retaining the existing woodland character.
Visuals by Aleena Khan
Our proposal for a new residential facility at Trinity College Bristol incorporates a cloister of modular pods set around an existing mature cedar tree.

The proposal, which is nestled in a copse on the site of a heritage building, seeks to retain the site’s woodland character by retaining as many existing trees as possible.

To naturally complement its green surroundings, the rhythm of the bays echoes that of the trees. In addition, the scheme adopts simple materials such as EPDM cladding and a warm ply-wood interior.
The pods are composed from simple repeated modules, making them flexible and easy to reconfigure or extended to support the needs of the students and college.

The inward design seeks to enhance the feeling of community.
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