Cultural Living Room
Seoul Metropolitan Government
Defined by light and perspective
The Cultural Living Room is our competition concept for the new Photographic Art Museum in Seoul.
Our concept for the Seoul Photographic Art Museum aims to revitalise the north-eastern region's economy by preserving visual cultural heritage.

Sitting within a well-established residential district in Seoul, the Museum will be the catalyser of the urban regeneration by creating an inviting urban node with a capacity to diffuse art throughout the local community, as well as attracting the regional and international audiences.
Our concept is intended to form a strong bond with the neighbourhood by connecting art and other educational/cultural activities in the region. The architectural strategy is kept simple - by lifting up and cantilevering the building, the massing frees up the space on the street level for various activities to take place in the protected public square.

Three layers of public spaces are created; a sunken courtyard, atrium and the roof garden. Together they will form a series of open and welcoming public spaces to accommodate a variety of programs from day to night for residents and visitors.

The shared values between architecture and photography - light and perspective - define the architecture of this museum from fa├žade to atrium.
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