Blake Tower Marketing Suite
Redrow London
Contemporary brutalism
The Blake Tower marketing suite is raw and geometric yet delicate and refined, perfectly grounded in its location as one of London’s most brutalist residential developments.
Photography by Richard John Seymour
Situated on the edge of London’s Barbican Estate, Blake Tower is the fourth skyscraper within this much-admired brutalist enclave.

When the occupier, YMCA, moved out of the tower, developer Redrow London asked us to convert the it to residential use, giving buyers the first opportunity in decades to acquire a ‘new’ Barbican apartment.
The distinctive 17-storey tower was originally designed with modestly scaled guest rooms for students and other short-stay visitors. The conversion therefore involved creating more generous and inviting apartments better suited for modern living, ranging in size from studios and one-bedroom flats up to three-bedroom apartments and two penthouses.
Being part of the Barbican and an important brutalist building meant there was a very rich source of creative inspiration to draw upon. The design approach, therefore references the unique character of the neighbouring estate to give the apartments a personality that both works with and respects the context.
The Blake Tower marketing suite adopts a similar palette to that of the apartments to reflect the unique character of the neighbouring Barbican estate. The modern heritage of the Barbican is referenced in the use of exposed, pick-hammered concrete, lightened by timber floors, wooden doors and joinery, along with other overtly domestic textures.
‘Brutalism was all about the expression of structure. So, in the true spirit of the brutalist movement, the apartments have been strategically designed to reveal the building’s original architectural anatomy.’
Simon Kincaid | Partner at Conran and Partners
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