The Oyster Bar and Restaurant
Private Client
A clean and contemporary French restaurant
We have presented a fusion of contemporary western design, layered with subtle Korean influences.
Photography by Takuya Watanabe of Nacasa and Partners
Located in Seoul, South Korea, our brief was to take inspiration from the local area and infuse it with contemporary western design and function.

The result is a French Restaurant focusing on serving both traditional and contemporary dishes with an underlying philosophy “art for life, life for art.”

The restaurant is supported by a collection of bars serving raw shellfish, sushi and relaxed aperitifs.
In Western culture, pearls are a symbol of purity, so using this as inspiration, we created clean lines and smooth surfaces. Designed to be monolithic statements, the raw bar and sushi bar are the first things you see when entering the restaurant. The floor here adds further drama, presenting a contrast of white marble and smoked timber.
Continuing the journey through to the restaurant area, the palette shifts to become richer and more intimate. With dark timber chevron floors and brass detailing, softened by dusty blue banquet seating and spherical white lighting to give a more classic and informal feel.

Warm timber panelling is a reference to traditional French brasserie, whilst a contemporary gold mesh offers a subtle twist on traditional Korean detailing.
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