Bengal Bar and New Street Grill
D&D London
A new gastrodome in a historically significant central London warehouse
Respectful of the building’s former warehouse use, the Bengal Bar and New Street Grill embody a unique identity.
Photography by Paul Raeside
During the 1770s The East India Company added to its provision of warehouses and stores with the construction of the Old Bengal Warehouse on London’s New Street. The four-storey brick building was once filled with wine, spices and fabrics but today, the Grade II-listed warehouse is home to a collection of restaurants and bars run by the D&D London.

The Old Bengal Warehouse, not far from Liverpool Street Station, offered an opportunity to create a new gastrodome - a set of venues with their own individual characters, that belong together as a set.
The site itself offered various challenges. The configuration of the building between the ground and basement levels – with various points of entry and residential units above – steered us and the client towards the idea of a quartet of different spaces.

Principal among these are New Street Grill and Old Bengal Bar, woven around a walled courtyard and outdoor dining areas. The aesthetic of this premium steak house reflects the history of the warehouse itself, with its exposed brick walls, broad plank wooden floors and lighting and other features with a relatively raw, masculine quality that suits the mercantile history which it evokes.
The adjacent cocktail bar has memories of Indian colonial clubs with heritage panelling etched into contemporary mirror panels. We spent a lot of time looking not only in the spaces themselves but also delving into the story of the East India Company and its relationship with this part of London. We used different parts of that storyline to inform the various spaces within the gastrodome, so in the Grill – for example – we commissioned artwork of shipping captains but with folded newspaper hats and tongue-in-cheek, playful touches.

We wanted it to feel as though it has been there for a very long time, hence the introduction of characterful old brickwork and the retention of original floors where we were able to, as well as using a lot of reclaimed materials.
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