York Road
Countryside Properties
A new cultural and residential quarter
Our master plan seeks to establish an open campus feel around new landscaping and a library square, with 229 homes, 88 of which will be affordable.
The master plan sensitively integrates with the overall town centre context by retaining existing street patterns and adding moments of height to signify the east–west connection to York Stream via a generous new public square.

This square is bounded on three sides by the library, town hall and waterway. Retail and other commercial activities will then occupy the ground-floor areas along the fourth side.

Clustered, tall elements create wayfinding markers which point towards the waterway, whilst low-scale townhouses sit alongside existing Victorian buildings at the site fringes.
As well as providing an enhanced setting for the existing town hall and Grade II-listed library with public spaces, restaurants and cafes, the design will also increase connectivity within the city centre.

Architecturally, the scheme draws on the existing, rich patina of red brick and the rigour demonstrated in the local heritage.

A series of linked urban squares lead to a waterside promenade, incorporating accessible, legible, active and sustainable design.
'We have endeavoured to create a neighbourhood which is embedded in a sense of place and in the hope that people will develop an emotional connection with it over time.'
Vic Whenray | Partner at Conran and Partners
Housing Design Award
York Road
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