Embassy Court
The restoration of a modernist seafront icon
Embassy Court is arguably Brighton’s finest twentieth-century building and an outstanding example of modernist design.
Photography by Morley von Sternbergt
Designed by Wells Coates, Embassy court was the first truly Modernist apartment building in Brighton. When it was built it was one of the most glamorous blocks on the South Coast delivering Deco infused, Modernist glamour and appealing to the wealthy and famous.

The building features balconies facing the sea, forming a series of striking concrete bands, as well as service staircases to the rear.
The reinforced concrete building, with steel-framed windows, had suffered a good deal over the years. Following a period of deterioration in appearance and reputation, Conran and Partners was appointed by the management company Bluestorm to begin an extensive renovation and refurbishment process to bring the 1930s 11 storey building back to life. The works were privately funded by the apartment owners.

The work was completed in 2006 and included the careful restoration of the exterior to its original appearance and drastic upgrading of services to the 72 sea-view apartments and roof terrace.
This community led project was all about bringing new life back to a building in a way that some might thought would never happen. The restoration and refurbishment process had to work around the needs of the residents requiring a relatively light and sensitive touch.

We did a lot of historical research, but it was also a complex project technically. It is a well-known landmark in Brighton and generally much loved now, given that it has become a period building of a kind and is now Grade II* listed.
We have instilled a sense of pride in the building again, with the residents now organising open house tours and other events, making the building connect much more with the city than before.
Sussex Heritage Trust Award
Large Scale Residential Award
Embassy Court
Highly Commended
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