Hong Kong's first KEF Music Gallery gains instant approval by winning the BCI Asia Awards

Posted: 04/06/18

We are the thrilled winners of the BCI Asia Award for ‘Retail Design’ for our work on KEF Music Gallery with KEF Audio. The results were unveiled at a gala at the Intercontinental hotel in Hong Kong.

Welcoming, inclusive and comfortable, KEF offers a retail experience which celebrates the individual’s experience of sound and music. Customers are invited to relax in lounge-style surroundings, grab a coffee at the bar and sit back in the comfort of the Collector’s Lounge, with its curated record collection, or in the intimate listening pods.

Upon arriving at the KEF Music Gallery, a stylish stone wall with carved and brass inlaid signage welcomes guests into the space via two wide entrances, creating a relaxed atmosphere for guests.
A coffee bar has been positioned in the entrance to greet customers. Monolithic in its design and made of smooth grey Atlantic stone, it is contemporary, elegant and striking in the centre of the space. This is connected to an interactive headphone product display framed with bar stools and a soft, walnut-topped surface with an elegant pendant light suspended overhead. This counter can also be used for impromptu conversations or for taking a break over a drink.
The rest of the space is divided into key areas. Unlike typical retail spaces, KEF creates comfortable and secure areas to relax and enjoy music. For example, a central lounge seating area provides an ideal spot to enjoy the incredible surround sound and A/V system or listen to a record in its perfect setting. Intimate listening pods are set up to provide customers with a space to experience the music in private.
Blurring the lines between sectors, KEF blends Conran and Partners’ experience of retail and hospitality design to create an environment that will not overwhelm customers unfamiliar with speaker technology. The interiors seamlessly integrate the sound systems to make the experience engaging and comfortable with a ‘members lounge’ feel. The whole space is designed to be inclusive and to encourage customers to stay for as long as they want. For instance, the Collector’s Lounge is a separate room where guests can experience the full surround-sound speaker set-up as if in their own living room. The choice of materials within KEF are warm and luxurious with soft lighting to create a tranquil atmosphere that counterbalances the clinical aesthetic of the hi-tech products.
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