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Posted: 08/08/18

One of our latest projects, QO Amsterdam has been named as winner of the ‘Urban Hotel – Newbuild’ category at the prestigious AHEAD Europe Awards 2018. It was selected as the winning entry from a long list of entrants and four other shortlisted designs for new-build hotels in Germany, Israel, Spain and the UK.! Scroll down to watch Tina Norden, director and the project designer, talking about our concept and inspiration.

QO, an IHG® hotel, seamlessly weaves luxury with holistic wellness and sustainability. Every aspect of the hotel is designed to reduce environmental impact and to create the best possible guest experience, for international and local guests alike, from the rooftop greenhouse to the intelligent façade and energy-saving features in its construction.

The brief focused on ‘circular design’ and how this can be applied to a high-end hotel catering to business and leisure travellers while still demonstrating a sensitivity to nature and sustainability in its operations.

Conran and Partners looked at the meaning of ‘modern luxury’ and the values users place on the material and emotive aspects of their environment, to develop a design language that captures the environmental ambitions and creates a sense of luxury.

Our focus for the 276 hotel rooms and 12 suites was on how the customer experiences the space itself and the connections to the city, parks and river.
While each room is compact – as you would expect in a ‘city hotel’ format – the design ensures that the bathroom and entry areas retain a sense of integrated spaciousness. Conran and Partners have developed a layout that gives the impression of the bathrooms as separate spaces, offering a degree of privacy. Most rooms have a full-width bench in the window that also takes advantage of the impressive views over the neighbourhood.

Working closely with the operational team, numerous energy saving measures, such as water restrictors and filtered drinking water have been included in each room, all contributing to life cycle cost savings.

The project was developed in close collaboration with the design team at IHG, and the resulting design celebrates both functionality and the hotel’s distinctive aesthetics.
All joinery elements were worked through to give enough space for the necessities such as the safe and luggage storage. The oak bedhead has built-in technology from lighting to an ipad for room control. The open bathroom ensures best use of space, retaining privacy where required.
Each room is divided by a brass and glass screen that incorporates the vanity and wardrobe, creating a visual break without dividing the space. The shower and lavatory are enclosed and private so the room also works for a couple or friends.

The material palette uses materials in their original colour and finish where possible, with natural materials for fabrics and tiling. The polished concrete ceilings and external grade engineered brick bring an industrial feel to the space that references the local architecture, offset by brass metalwork, silk wallpaper and a warm oak flooring that also wraps up to form the bedhead. The use of brick references this commonly used building material in the Netherlands, reinforcing the wider concept of ‘textural materiality’. This tactility, combined with the sense of space and quality, distils the concept of ‘luxury’ in the QO brand.
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