10 whole years!

Posted: 24/01/18

On Thursday 25th January we will be holding a celebration in the refurbished Brighton Studio marking 10 years of working in the city. In that time we have worked on a range of projects in the city including Embassy Court, Queen Square Hotel, Court Farm, The Astoria site, Portland Road, Saltdean Lido and we are currently looking at a range of housing sites across the city.

As part of our ongoing commitment to engage with local talent we have commissioned a poster designed by ex-Brighton University illustrator Jamie Eke. Jamie will also be showing some of his recent work at the event.
speech mark grey

The piece is a playful representation of some of the famous local landmarks - including Conran and Partners' projects such as Embassy Court and Saltdean Lido - and associated activities. Alluding to the fairground reputation of the lively seaside city, the patterns and colours within the illustration reflect the happy-go-lucky, candy fuelled fun prevalent along the seafront promenade, as well as hinting at the motion of the swirling tide of the English Channel beyond’. The prints have been hand painted with matt gold on the numeral.

Jamie Eke | Illustrator
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