10 Questions with Sebastian Conran

Posted: 26/02/21

Joining the Conran and Partner's board as Chairman, Sebastian brings a wealth of knowledge from the creative industries and academia, he is also a director of a number of other innovative companies, bringing fresh perspective to design. What is central to both Sebastian and Conran and Partner's work is that thoughtful design, improves the way people live their lives.

Today, we are getting to know him better, in a quick fire round of questions.

Clockwise from bottom 1. Goggle Head by Elisabeth Frink 2. Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, by Umberto Boccioni 3. Sebastian’s maximalist home 4. The Guggenheim 5. Can’t-live-without spectacles 6. 1/11 Moulton bicycles

1. What is your design mantra, and how would you describe yourself in three words?

‘The obvious answer is rarely the best’ and ‘The simplest solution is usually the most elegant’

Inventor, Designer, Entrepreneur

2. What is your career highlight to date?

There have been many, but Designer in Residence at University of Sheffield’s Engineering Faculty was pivotal

3. What’s your favourite city for design inspiration?

London followed by Tokyo, Copenhagen, Chicago

4. Describe the interiors of your home?

Spacious maximalist – an eclectic reflection of our tastes and life experiences – a bit Sir John Soane

5. If you could have any piece of artwork in your home, what would it be?

Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, by Umberto Boccioni, but I might also like: Rock Drill by Jacob Epstein; Danaïde by Constantin Brancusi; or Goggle Head by Elisabeth Frink

6. What’s your favourite restaurant, and what do you order to the table?

The Hereford Road and devilled kidneys and mash

7. Being from a creative family, was there ever a career path you thought about other than design?

Things that require cognitive discernment with hand skills, e.g. Mechanical Engineer, Surgeon, Cabinet Maker

8. What physical thing can’t you live without?

My spectacles

9. Your father (Sir Terence Conran), was a great collector, do you have any collections yourself?

I have 11 Moulton bicycles.

10. What else do you want to achieve in your life?

Serenity; by enhancing peoples’ experience of life through design
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